Meet your school counselor: Stefanie Taylor

Stefanie Taylor

I hold a Master’s Degree in School Counseling and am a licensed school counselor in the state of Georgia. My passion is equipping students with the knowledge, attitudes, and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self and others.

The school counseling program at Park Creek School seeks to provide a comprehensive developmental score addressing the academic, career, and personal/social growth in all students.

Please contact me at the school (706)428-7700 if I can be of assistance to you or your student.

The following are a few of the services offered by Park Creek’s school counselor:

Individual Counseling

Counselors meet with students individually to facilitate their growth and development through the exploration of feelings and concerns related to issues impacting their lives. Parents and teachers refer students for individual counseling throughout the school year.

Small Group Counseling

Children in the elementary schools are going through many phases of growth and development. During these years children normally experience many stresses due to academic demands, social relationships, and typical family issues.

In small group counseling, the counselor works with two or more students at a time, during a 30 minute period for several weeks. All groups are held during regular school hours. The goals of the group are to improve problem solving and social skills, as well as to increase self-esteem.

Groups are added throughout the school year depending on the needs of the students. If you feel your child may benefit from being in a group, please let me know.

Groups Offered by Mrs. Taylor include:

  • Banana Splits: a group for children experiencing family changes/separations
  • ABC, I Like Me: a self-esteem group
  • Cool as a Cucumber: an anger management group
  • Friends: a social skills group for students that are having a difficult time making and/or keeping friends.

Classroom Guidance

Large group instruction offers a good opportunity to provide support to the largest number of students in the school. The school counselor presents lessons that are developmentally appropriate for students in PreKindergarten through fifth grade. Lessons focus on understanding self and others, coping strategies, peer relationships, problem solving, decision making, and conflict resolution. The goal of these lessons is to foster the development of every student in the areas of academic, career, and personal social.

Park Creek Cheetahs ROAR!

At Park Creek School we use an approach to maintaining a positive and safe learning and social environment for all students at Park Creek School. A Positive Behavior Support (PBS) plan is now in place, and we are excited!

Positive Behavior Support focuses on establishing and reinforcing Cheetahs ROAR school wide expectations and rules, as well as implementing interventions to improve student behavior. ROAR stands for Respectful, Obedient, Attentive, and Responsible.

Teachers will teach all students to ROAR, and when your Park Creek Cheetah ROARs, he or she will earn Cheetah Paws that students can use at the ROAR store to purchase items.

The Park Creek staff is looking forward to working with you in providing your cheetah with a set of skills to encourage his or her success at school and in the community.

Please contact the school at any time if you have questions or concerns during the year. Thank you for your support and cooperation!