Welcome Letter from Principal

Will Esters


August 6, 2018

Dear Park Creek Family,

I am so excited about the 2018-2019 school year. This year, we will be working to integrate parents and families more deeply and meaningfully into the life of the school. We will have exciting opportunities for parents to see first-hand what goes on in classrooms through student-led parent conferences. Also, we will start a parent wall of fame as a pat-on-the back for parents who are able to attend various school activities. We will also put up volunteer boards where folks can stop by and help out if they have a few minutes in their day. These are just a few things we have in mind, so please look for more information about parent involvement opportunities as we begin the school year.

Another area where we are looking to make things even better is our dismissal process. This year, we will be rolling out a smart phone app to help parents move through the car rider and walker lines more efficiently. Don’t worry; we will keep our existing process in place while we make several test runs with the new system before switching over completely. Our goal is to save you time… not to accidentally create more hassle.

Finally, we will be renewing our focus on academic progress this year at Park Creek. There will be multiple parent sessions to review what students must know and be able to do to make a full year of academic progress. Also, staff will be meeting more often to review assessment results and to think together about how to help individual students, classes, and grades. This will be a great year at Park Creek!

Warm Regards,

Will Esters