About Us



1st grade students wear red for homecoming

Park Creek Elementary School

Park Creek serves about 600 students in grades Pre-K to 5. Park Creek is one of six elementary schools in the Dalton Public Schools District. The school's mascot is a cheetah.


Our Mission:

Together with children, we are building the foundation for the future by designing engaging experiences that result in profound learning.

Our Vision:

Each student of DPS engages in interesting, challenging, satisfying experiences that result in profound learning in academic disciplines, synthesis, creativity, respect, and ethics so that each student is a contributing citizen of the world.

Our Values:

We respect the dignity and worth of each person.

We embrace integrity as the foundation of every action.

We pursue innovation that results in improvement.

We seek collaboration to achieve success.

Our Beliefs

1. Each student is unique and can learn more at higher levels.

2. Students give their attention and commitment when provided engaging experiences.

3. Literacy is fundamental for success in a pursuits and necessary for lifelong learning.

4. Together, we achieve more.

5. Each individual is a learner, teacher, designer, and leader.

6. Education is essential to the well-being of each individual, the economy and our democratic way of life.

7. Academic goals should be clearly communicated and understood by all stakeholders.

8. Professional learning must be directly related to staff and student needs.

9. An active relationship among school, parents and community is vital to school improvement.

10. We must systematically evaluate all components of the school.

11. Data is the basis for quality instruction.

12. Strong, consistent leadership is crucial for school improvement.